September 27, 2019

How Can Banks Thrive in a World of Automated Finance

In their presentation at Digital Banking 2019 in June, Kourtney Dewald of Huntington Bank and Jody Bhagat of Personetics discussed how banks can not only survive in a world of automated finance, but also thrive by delivering personalized experiences that delight customers and by positioning themselves as the trusted, go-to provider of financial advice and self-driving finance solutions.

Key points of their presentations included:

  • What help people want and need from banks to manage their money
  • Delivering personalized experiences at scale using data and advanced technologies
  • Customer expectations after dealing with the world’s best brands
  • Embracing customer advocacy to build a competitive advantage

You can watch highlights of this event here:

And you can also watch Jody Bhagat’s full presentation of ‘How Can Banks Thrive in a World of Automated Finance?’ now:


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