June 18, 2018

Innovative AI start-ups out of Israel

There are some very cool AI solutions coming out of Israel right now. Here are a few start-ups that have impressed me recently that could work well in your organization…


June 1, 2018

Personetics Accommodates Digital-Only and Challenger Banks

Cognitive analytics company Personetics has traditionally served large banks, including six of the top 12 banks in North America and Europe. Today, however, the company launched a new offering that makes its solutions more accessible for smaller digital-only and challenger banks….


June 1, 2018

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is moving with the times with a series of useful innovations and launches.

“Instead of looking at cutting-edge technology that is at the early stage we look to innovate in areas where we can tackle the everyday issues that our customers have.” – Rami Thabet, RBC

Banking Tech

May 26, 2018

#VivaTech : Personetics talks about its second participation on the BNP Paribas stand

The analytical accuracy of Personetics’ proactive insights is key in only presenting information to a customer when there is a very high probability of it being useful, personalized and timely – it is this aspect which customers appreciate and perceive the service as being useful and valuable…

BNP Paribas

May 25, 2018

Countdown to customer engagement: The 10-second banking experience

The bottom line: The financial services organization that offers customers personalized, accurate recommendations in seconds will emerge as the mobile banking leader…