September 27, 2019

How Can Banks Thrive in a World of Automated Finance?

Digital Banking 2019 Jody Bhagat L

In their presentation at Digital Banking 2019 in June, Kourtney Dewald of Huntington Bank and Jody Bhagat of Personetics discussed how banks can not only survive in a world of automated finance, but also thrive by delivering personalized experiences that delight customers and by positioning themselves as the trusted, go-to provider of financial advice and self-driving finance solutions.

Key points of their presentations included:

  • What help people want and need from banks to manage their money
  • Delivering personalized experiences at scale using data and advanced technologies
  • Customer expectations after dealing with the world’s best brands
  • Embracing customer advocacy to build a competitive advantage

You can watch highlights of this event here:

And you can also watch Jody Bhagat’s full presentation of ‘How Can Banks Thrive in a World of Automated Finance?’ now:

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