December 19, 2019

How Evolving Self-Driving Finance and Customer Journeys will Differentiate Banks in the Next Decade

ImpactCEE Dorel Featured

Dorel Blitz, VP Strategy & Business Development at Personetics, delivered his keynote speech at the ImpactCEE fintech ’19 forum on ‘How Evolving Self-Driving Finance and Customer Journeys will Differentiate Banks in the Next Decade.’

“I do believe that my kids, ten years from now, will drive in self-driving cars… so we do believe at Personetics that this something that is going to happen in some sense to banks – the ability for banks to not just provide great customer engagement and great personalization but, also the ability of banks to even think and act on behalf of their customers.”

Using the capabilities of Self-Driving Finance™, powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, banks are able to provide retail, small business and wealth management customers with guidance that ranges from real-time insights to personalized advice and recommendations, and automated money management.

For customers, Self-Driving Finance empowers them to improve their financial lives safely and effortlessly through a data-driven, holistic approach to day-to-day money management. For banks, it boosts engagement, builds trust, increases deposits and share of wallet, and allows banks to meet the demands of digital-native customers.

The Self-Driving Finance approach to proactive money management is inevitable. As consumer expectations grow for greater personalization through their digital experiences, the banks that are able to differentiate themselves by delivering proactive, personalized insights, advice, and automation will be the ones that stay relevant in the marketplace.

You can watch his full presentation here:

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