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Join Personetics at Forum Banca 4th October 2023, Milan

The Personetics team is coming to Milan for Forum Banca October 4th.  We would love to meet you there!

Let’s set up a meeting time at booth #10.

Madrid Forum Banca October 4th 2023 Personetics

We’d love to show you how Personetics can help your Financial Institution with:

  • Data enrichment and categorisation: Help your customers get a clearer view of their personal finances with cleansed, enriched transaction data.
  • Personalised insights and advice: Show your customers how to manage money, spend smarter, and organise their financial lives – based on their own everyday transaction data.
  • Automated savings programs: Empower your customers with proactive, self-adjustable financial wellness programmes that automatically help them save money, pay down debt, and build wealth.
  • Sustainability insights tracking with transaction-based carbon personalised insights.

Book a meeting in advance by using the form. See you at Forum Banca!

Book here using the form. See you at Forum Banca!

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