Self Driving Finance Webinar Series

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Celent Model Bank Award, revisited:
Empowered to save more, happy customers fuel RBC’s growth

Since launching NOMI Find & Save a year ago, RBC has helped Canadians save millions of dollars towards everything from a wedding dress to a dream vacation to finally securing these ever-so-elusive emergency funds.
Empowered to save more, happy customers have responded with social media accolades, greater engagement with the bank, and a double-digit increase in savings accounts opened.
Join Celent, RBC, and Personetics as we revisit the award-winning AI-powered savings for a check on real results and lessons learned:



Rami Thabet

VP of Mobile & Digital Money Management, RBC


Bob Meara

Senior Banking Analyst, Celent


David Sosna

Co-founder and CEO, Personetics

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