November 5, 2019

Money 20/20: Personetics on Automated Finance, AI-Driven Customer Engagement and Building Trust

Fintech Finance caught up with Personetics at Money 20/20 USA in Las Vegas to talk about the evolving industry trend of proactive and personalized automated finance, the challenges that Personetics is helping banks overcome, and how financial institutions can position themselves as a real-time and trusted adviser to their clients.

Dorel Blitz, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Personetics, said:

“We are providing a white label analytics platform solution for banks which is all about helping banks better understand and know their customers’ financial behaviors, and then to proactively engage with their customers through digital channels in order to dramatically increase customer engagement and production adoption.”

Watch the full interview with Dorel here:

Personetics’ President of Americas Jody Bhagat said:

“It is imperative that banks take action to better understand their customers and deliver personalized experiences by putting targeted use cases into the market, doing it at scale, and doing it rapidly so you can drive real business value.”

Watch Jody’s interview here:

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