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Personetics Enrich

Enrich transaction data for a superior customer experience and effective cross-selling targeting

Personetics offers an AI-based solution to clean, categorize, and enrich transaction data.
Designed for financial institutions and Fintechs to fuel innovation while reducing operational costs.

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Real-time data standardization for optimal controls

  • Industry-leading automated categorization model
  • Enrich transaction data for an accurate cross-selling targeting
  • Automated mapping and normalization of multiple internal and external data sources for consistent, cross-channel customer experiences
  • AI-based, enhanced data cleansing and enrichment models for transaction descriptions, including merchant name, logo, location, subscriptions, and more…
  • Self-learning models ensure real-time data enrichments invocation
  • Business-level controls enable owners to align logic with features and business objectives
  • Marketing ROI-oriented ability to deeply know and micro-target customers

Fully customizable delivery

On-premise and SaaS installation based on Financial Institution / Fintech’s infrastructure and security preferences
APIs and widgets with a real-time invocation. Customizable widgets provide a turnkey experience

Leading banks already use Personetics end-2-end platform to engage 135 million worldwide customers

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Want to explore how your bank can harness the power of AI to engage and serve customers?

We work with banks of all sizes across all geographies and will be happy to see how we can help.

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