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Personetics ACT

Empower customers to achieve their
financial goals and grow savings

Attract, retain, and grow deposits with goal-based savings
and automated journeys

Saving Experience. Reimagined.


Create a user-friendly, seamless saving experience that takes the burden off your customers


Deliver intelligent journeys, tailored to each customer’s needs, based on their financial activity and preferences


From invitation to ongoing recommendations and advice, support customers at every step of the way

Help customers save towards their goals

Enable customers to easily set, manage and track multiple goals with an advanced funds allocation.

Boost engagement with personalized recommendations

From invitation to ongoing advice - increase engagement and customer savings with hyper-personalized transfer recommendations based on cashflow, risk level, current & future financial needs.

Increase deposits with automated funding methods

Whether smart auto-save, pay-yourself-first, or manual transfers. Help customers grow their savings with multiple automated and semi-automated funding methods to choose from.

Attract and retain new customer segments

Customize the experience and cater to different segments, such as young adults, novice investors, or even minors.

Transform your saving experience and drive business impact

  • $ 2,450

    Avg. annual savings per customer

  • + 20%

    Savings accounts opening rate growth

  • 18%

    Of savings transferred from external accounts

  • 5%

    Adoption within first year

Time to reimagine your savings experience

Retain and attract deposits with smart automated savings journeys that help customers
achieve their financial goals.

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Reimagine your customers’ savings experience to attract, retain, and grow deposits