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[Webinar Replay] MyState Bank: Achieving Financial Resilience through Hyper-Personalisation

November 4 11 AM, AEST


Explore the untapped opportunity of hyper-personalisation with Scott Delaney, Head of Insights and Innovation at MyState Bank, and Mandeep Sandhu, Country Lead, Australia and New Zealand.


The webinar will cover:


  • How MyState Bank used personalisation tools to automatically save an average of $1237 for their customers during the pandemic
  • From Reactive to Proactive – How Banks can leverage their customers’ financial data to drive engagement and growth
  • How to leverage Self-Driving Finance for your CDR (Open Banking) strategy
  • Global Case Studies: Developing differentiated angles in a competitive market
  • Q&A: Have your questions answered
Mandeep Sundhu Country Lead, Australia and New Zealand Personetics
Scott Delaney Head of Insight & Innovation MyState Limited

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