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Customer Stories

Proactive Deposit Strategies: The BMO and Personetics Journey to Empowering Customers’ Financial Success

BMO’s proactive approach to deposit challenges and helping customers navigate challenging financial times has been nothing short of inspirational. They’ve recognized that many customers are facing difficulties managing their finances, and as a result, savings have become increasingly vital. We appreciate their commitment to addressing these challenges head-on.

Our joint achievements include:

  1. Customer-Centric Solutions: BMO introduced Personetics’ ACT solution, introduced by BMO as their “Saving Amplifier” program, that empowers customers to take control of their financial goals with simplicity and effectiveness. 
  2. Exceptional Customer Satisfaction: BMO’s customers have enthusiastically embraced our savings goal solution, giving it a stellar rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars. 
  3. Increased Deposit Growth: In less than a year, customers have established over 70,000 savings goals, underscoring the solution’s popularity.
  4. Impressive Business Outcomes: The partnership between BMO and Personetics has not only met but exceeded expectations, with a 600% ROI projected over five years.
  5. Direct Customer Impact: The most gratifying aspect of this journey is the direct impact on individual customers. We’ve received many comments and feedback from customers who express how BMO’s winning strategies have helped them make progress toward their goals, dreams, and financial aspirations. This feedback is not only motivating for the team but also for us as partners.

Join Us in Celebrating Success

We invite you to join us in celebrating this journey of success and financial empowerment. Together with BMO and Personetics, we are transforming the landscape of financial well-being.

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