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Frontend Developer

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil · Full-time · Intermediate

About The Position

Personetics is the global leader in financial data-driven personalization, enabling financial institutions to forge deeper relationships by enhancing clients’ financial wellness and helping them make smarter decisions. Personetics reaches 135 million customers across 35 global markets while serving more than 130 financial institutions. Personetics’ AI analyzes financial data in real-time to understand customer financial behavior, anticipate needs, and deliver a hyper-personalized experience with day-to-day actionable insights, personalized recommendations, product-based financial advice, and automated financial wellness programs. The company has offices in New York, London, Singapore, São Paulo, and Tel Aviv.

About The Position

We are growing and looking for a talented Frontend Developer to support the delivery of AI & Personalization solutions to the banking/finance industry across the globe.

in this role, you will be part of a global team focused on web development for one (or more) of our products. 

This is a global opportunity where fluent English is needed.


  • Understand the project requirements and interact with other team members to deliver the best available technical solutions.
  • Develop the "Next Generation" version of an existing platform, expanding it through the usage of new technologies.
  • Prototype, Redesign and Customize interfaces as needed.
  • Implement software development & security best practices.
  • Continuously meet with the team, interacting and offering inputs and updates as needed.
  • Search for solution approaches with other team members to achieve project objectives.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering (or equivalent), with relevant experience on the field / function.
  • Proficiency with the following technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS, Styled Components, Storybook, Hooks, Context API, Redux, HTML, and CSS.
  • Experience working in small to medium-sized teams.
  • Conversational proficiency in English.
  • Understanding and implementation of User Experience (UX) concepts.
  • Willingness to learn and quickly implement new technologies.
  • Understanding of Git or equivalent version control systems, including pipeline and integrations.
  • Knowledge and application of accessibility standards.

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of Webpack, Babel, and Rollup.
  • Experience with unit testing using React Testing Library and Cypress.
  • Familiarity with APIs, JSON, and RESTful architectures.
  • Understanding of cloud environments and their services.
  • Familiarity with React Native, Angular, and Vite.
  • Proficiency in native mobile languages: Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, and Java.

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