doesn’t cut it anymore.

With new, digital-born providers offering easy access to financial products and services, customers expect highly personalized service, easy, conversational interaction, and real help managing their finances.

Financial institutions must find new ways to serve and engage customers or risk becoming invisible.

Cognitive Banking brings together Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Understanding, and Machine Learning technologies to transform your bank’s relationships with customers in the digital age – delivering a highly engaging customer experience, reducing friction and cost, and increasing share of wallet with innovative new products and services.

Cognitive Banking starts here:
ready-to-roll, content-rich applications

Trusted by millions of customers worldwide, Personetics empowers financial institutions with ready-to-deploy applications that combine advanced cognitive technologies with rich built-in financial services knowledge and content.

Powered by Personetics, the cognitive financial institution is able to:

Engage and respond to customers anytime anywhere with conversional knowledge-rich interactions

Guide customers with AI-powered personalized insights and advice along the financial journey

Automatically take action on behalf of customers to help them reach their financial goals

Constantly learn and adapt to changing customer behavior

Join the leaders: the rewards are significant.

By placing consumer’s interests first, banks that have taken the lead in delivering personalized value are achieving major improvements in customer engagement, satisfaction, and trust.

Simplify deployment.

To make deployment simple, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Our solutions are entirely focused on financial services, and include several unique capabilities based on our experience working with some of the largest financial institutions worldwide:

  • A library of over 150 pre-loaded user insights for financial services
  • Pre-defined workflows for financial services customers
  • Specifically-tuned Natural Language Processing (NLP) model with financial services knowledge
  • Predictive self-service requests for financial services customers

Based on users’ interaction with the system, our solutions apply machine learning technology to continuously improve the accuracy and relevance of the information and recommendations served to each individual – enhancing the customer experience with no extra effort or cost.

Can we help your financial institution?

Personetics is working with many of the world’s leading banks that are now realizing the potential of cognitive banking.

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