Customer expectations from their banking providers in the digital age go beyond just access to data and ease of use. Customers want their bank to proactively offer insight and advice that can help them achieve their financial goals.

Personetics Engage is a new breed of banking solution, one that truly puts customer needs first. It provides timely and useful insights that keep customers informed and help them stay on top of their financial affairs. Using real-time predictive analytics to empower customers, banks can reestablish themselves as trusted partners to the consumer.

How Banks Use Predictive Analytics to Empower Customers

Educate customers about savings and long-term financial wellness

Suggest specific steps to increase savings, reduce debt, and improve financials outcomes

Initiate automated actions to help the customer stick with the plan and meet financial objectives

Provide ongoing feedback and realign actions with goals

Engage in Action

Engage transforms user-specific data streams into real-time, predictive,
and actionable insights and advice personalized for each user.

personetics engage messages

Personalized insights and guidance delivered in

real-time and prioritized based on my activities

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personetics engage spending summary

Spending patterns (e.g. which categories I’m spending the most on)

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personetics engage savings summary

Personal advice how to save more and

improve my finances (based on my cash flow


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personetics engage low account balance warning

Potential upcoming issues and actions I can

take (e.g. insufficient balance prediction)

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personetics engage unusual spending pattern

Unusual account activity which may require

an action (e.g. annual subscription

renewal, unusually high merchant charge)

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personetics engage travel tips

Ways to avoid potential fees & penalties

(e.g. what card to use out of the country)

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How it works

The Right Information for Each Customer at the Right Time

Engage analyzes user-specific data streams to create a personalized list of actionable insights. To determine the optimal prioritization and display order for each user, we utilize a proprietary learning algorithm that identifies and ranks the most relevant insights at any point in time.

Real-Time Insights

Insights are triggered upon invocation, to ensure they account for the most recent customer activity and reduce false positives. For example, alerting a customer to a low balance issue based on previous night’s batch feed would be inaccurate if the customer had a cleared deposit earlier in the day.

Out-of-the-Box User Insights for Financial Services

Engage comes with a rich library of pre-built user scenarios that include banking-specific triggers and workflows validated with banking customers across the globe, with new insights added on an ongoing basis.


Over time, Engage learns from individual customer interactions to better select and prioritize insights for each customer. It also supports the ability to capture explicit user feedback (rating, likes, etc.) that is utilized as part of the learning algorithm.

Controlled by the Bank

The Engage Content Editor allows business users to manage pre-built insights and create new ones using the Personetics framework.


Increase Engagement, Satisfaction, and Response

Using Engage, banks are able to:

  • Increase customer engagement by providing contextually-relevant insight and advice
  • Offer products and services which anticipate and meet customer needs
  • Jumpstart customer adoption from day one – no data entry or setup needed
  • Seamlessly adapt to user preferences while retaining the ultimate control
  • Accelerate time-to-market with pre-packaged financial services knowledge

How will your bank respond to
changing customer expectations
in the digital age?

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