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Celent Report “Why Invest in PFE”

Lead Out in Personal Financial Engagement (PFE)

Boost customer engagement, drive revenue, and gain a competitive edge with Personetics’ PFE Platform.

Celent Report Recognizes Personetics as a Global Leader

Independent research firm Celent has named Personetics a global leader in their new report on Personal Financial Engagement (PFE). The report explores key strategies for banks to succeed in the current market.

Personetics and Celent PFE Report PFM

Download the Celent Report to learn how to:

  • Increase Customer Engagement: Discover how financial data-driven personalized insights & advice keep your customers interested and coming back.
  • Unlock Revenue Growth: See how PFE creates new revenue streams through contextualized recommendations and financial wellness tools.
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage: Learn how automation and AI can help your bank deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The Personetics Difference

Personetics’ automatic, intuitive, and relevant PFE platform is designed to help your bank achieve these goals and more. Our platform offers:

  • Actionable Insights & Advice: We transform financial data into hyper-personalized recommendations that help your customers make informed financial decisions.
  • Real-time Engagement: Proactively connect with your customers through relevant channels, keeping them informed and engaged with your bank.
  • Frictionless Automation: Free up your staff for more strategic interactions with a powerful AI platform that streamlines daily interactions.

Become a PFE Leader with Personetics

Download the Celent report today and see how Personetics can help your financial institution.

Download the report here

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