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How to outperform in SMB Digital Banking

October 16

Personetics’ joint webinar with Celent took place on October 28th. It discussed the latest research from Celent and how you can achieve growth by leveraging Self-Driving Finance initiatives for small and medium-sized businesses.

The webinar covered:

  • Fireside Chat: Trends in Digital Banking for small and medium-sized businesses
  • What does reinvention look like:
    The SMB Banking paradigm shift and new insights from Celent
  • How SMB Banking can leverage AI capabilities to improve business outcomes
  • How NexGen PFM is revolutionizing the SMB Banking industry
    by transforming financial transactional data into insights and actions
Dorel Blitz VP Strategy & Business Development Personetics
Alenka Grealish Senior Analyst Celent
Want to explore how your bank can harness the power of AI to increase deposits and drive business impact