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[Webinar Replay] Innovating for Customer Financial Well Being – The Huntington National Bank Customer Story

November 19, 2020 11am EST


Putting customers first is something that Huntington National Bank (HNB) takes seriously and is the fundamental core that aligns their corporate and product strategy. From helping customers through their day to day banking needs to launching automated savings programs designed to help customers through some of the most challenging of times, HNB’s first priority is to listen to the voice of the customer and translate that into proactive, personalized products and services.


Join us for this behind the scenes look into HNB’s Customer Experience and Innovation Team and what won  them the top spot among regional banks in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Banking Mobile App Satisfaction Study for the second year in a row.


Topics covered include:

  • HNB’s philosophy around innovation and putting ‘customers-first’
  • The connection between HNB’s ‘customer-first’ philosophy and their product development goals
  • The digital tools released to support their broader push around looking out for their customers
  • How collaboration with Personetics on personalized engagement supports HNB’s vision and financial well-being strategy
  • How the customer’s voice fits and what their customers are telling them
Mark Emerson Customer Experience Innovation Manager Huntington National Bank
Nicole Meyers VP of Strategic Account Management Personetics

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