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Leveraging Financial Data to Enhance Retail Banking Wealth Management

Financial institutions can lead way in enhancing wealth management for retail banking by leveraging their customer’s financial data to replicate the private banking experience at scale.

I’d like to invite you to join our OnDemand webinar with Synpulse, “Leveraging Financial Data to Enhance Wealth Management for Retail Banking”, recorded on June 22nd, 2022.

Synpulse and Personetics

You’ll discover:

  • Best practices in wealth management for retail banking.
    • How to replicate the private banking experience at scale.
    • How to create a successful hybrid engagement model.
    • How to empower bankers to foster a deeper and meaningful relationship with their clients.
  • How to leverage customer financial data to quickly increase business impact.
  • Global Case Studies: Developing differentiated angles in a competitive market.
  • Q&A.

Featured speakers:

  • Fraser Wilkie, Senior Director Experience Design, Synpulse.
  • Dorel Blitz, VP Strategy & Business Development, Personetics.
  • Julia Hagemann, Manager, Synpulse.

Watch This Webinar

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