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[on demand webinar ] Unlock the Power of Your Data – Transaction Data Enrichment for North American Banks

With increased demand for customer personalization, and continued pressure to monetize your customers’ data, including Open Banking – transaction data enrichment has become more important than ever.

Transaction data enrichment offers the key to unlocking hidden insights, personalizing customer experiences, and maximizing the value of Open Banking. 

– Transaction Data Enrichment for North American Banks

Join us for this exclusive webinar that explores the key business challenges and opportunities of transaction data enrichment in the US

Hear directly from a panel of experts at Personetics: 

  • Scott McQuilkin, Data & Analytics Advisor
  • Eran Coster, Product Team Lead
  • Ruth Shabatt, Director of Product Marketing

Why watch this webinar?

  • Key market trends: Get insights into the key trends driving the demand for advanced transaction data enrichment.
  • Business drivers and use cases: Discover how leading financial institutions in the US leverage transaction data enrichment to make an impact on their business.
  • Key success factors: from global coverage and leading accuracy to a unified customer experience across platforms – learn about the key success factors that will make all the difference.

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