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Personetics Podcast EP04 With Jamie Warder from KeyBank

Personetics Podcast 4 – Banking on Innovation, Jamie Warder, Head of Digital Banking for KeyBank, which has around 1,000 branches in 15 states. Jamie is a savvy industry veteran who is skilfully navigating the complex terrain of how regional banks can capitalize on both opportunities and threats from the burgeoning fintech ecosystem. KeyBank is taking bold and non-traditional steps to deliver on their digital ambitions – acquiring AQN, an analytics company, and Laurel Road, a student loan refinance operation which they are refashioning into a digital-led, full-service bank for the healthcare market.

The 3 Rules for Successful Innovation Drawing on his experience in different organizations – including the United States military, where he was a captain – Jamie observes three key rules for successful innovation.

The implication is that organizations cannot wait until they have achieved parity to start considering where they can innovate. It must be part of your agenda from the start. But equally, organizations must be intentional about their focus and accept that they cannot be innovative in every part of their business.

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