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Personetics Podcast EP05 With Ankit Bhatt from US Bank

Our guest on the fifth episode of Banking on Innovation, our leadership podcast, is Ankit Bhatt, Executive Vice President, Consumer Chief Digital Officer at US Bank.

When it comes to digital transformation, both Ankit and US Bank are extremely results-focused. Ankit led the development of the US Bank mobile app in 2019, the same year he was named Digital Banker of the Year by American Banker. The app, which has delivered more than 2 billion personalized insights, has more than a million 5-star reviews in app stores. And in the third quarter of 2021, the industry benchmarking firm Keynova Group named it as the top mobile app and US Bank’s mobile app and mobile web as #1 overall.

US Bank is a long-standing client of Personetics, and during that time Ankit and I have built a warm friendship. I was eager to hear how, in a hyper-competitive environment, Ankit created the industry-leading app.

Ankit Bhatt speaks about four principles for excellence in mobile banking strategy

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