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Personetics Podcast EP06 With Erin Pryor From First Horizon

Our guest on the sixth episode of Banking on Innovation is Erin Pryor, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at First Horizon Bank. Already the fourth largest regional bank in the American Southeast, First Horizon is set to become the sixth-largest US bank by assets by mid-2023, when its $13.4 billion acquisition by TD Bank is expected to complete.

Erin previously served as Executive Director of Brand Management at USAA, a leading provider of financial services to the US military, and fulfilled leadership positions in United Capital Financial Advisers and Opus Bank. Now she is leading is First Horizon through a marketing transformation, including updating the bank’s MarTech stack.

The first CMO on our podcast, she argued that there is a growing convergence of traditional marketing campaigns and the delivery of personalized insights for bank customers: “At First Horizon, our purpose is to provide capital and counsel. The capital is not just the money – it’s also the human capital and the advice and counsel on what your goal is, whether that’s growing your business or buying a home.

But if you’re providing that advice and you know your client, then it makes sense to provide them with an applicable offer. And so the marketing message and the marketing offer needs to be aligned with the client journey, which is part of the personalization. So I think we’re there.”

Erin also spoke at length about how the bank uses its CRM, which she calls the “heartbeat at the center” of its efforts to deliver improved customer experiences and turn data into actionable advice. “That really is where the client experiences lives.” PLUS you’ll discover: – How Erin’s approach to leadership has changed over 20 years – The methods she uses to develop a full picture of customer needs – Why First Horizon took a risk by becoming the first in the US to use Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform – Why the bar for great customer service in banks is set outside the financial services industry – Erin’s biggest obstacle to delivering highly personalized customer experiences – Why over-communicating with clients is a huge misstep – Expanding the definition of where the client journey takes place – How being a competitive athlete prepared Erin for a career in banking …and more.

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