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Win, Grow, and Retain Deposits With AI-Based Solution

Deploy a proactive data-driven strategy to identify deposit opportunities, boost customers’ savings, and achieve business impact, including up to a 20% increase in your savings accounts opening rate. Learn how to leverage your customers’ financial data to attract, retain and grow deposits.

Unlock the value of transaction data and build a winning deposit strategy. Identify deposit opportunities, boost customers’ savings, and achieve business impact with AI-based solution.

  • Identify deposit opportunities and optimize your targeting with in-depth deposit intelligence that enables you to track deposit leakage, assess customers’ savings eligibility, and optimize your outreach across your CRM, MarTech, and digital banking experience.
  • Boost deposits with actionable advice recommending to each customer when, how, and how much they can save, based on their forecasted balance, cashflow stability, and financial preferences.
  • Retain customers and grow deposits with smart saving journeys such as goal-based savings and automated journeys. Assess customers’ long-term savings capabilities and optimize their savings with personalized trackers, nudges, and advice.

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