November 5, 2020

Tap into a world of effortless banking with DBS digibank

With the addition of the insights feature and smart shortcuts, your digibank app now learns about you and your banking habits, so you can stay ahead to meet your everyday banking needs.

It keeps an eye on things and informs you about your account transactions so you’re always in the know.

What’s more, it gives you analyses to help manage your money, and learns your preferences so you only see what matters to you.

With your digibank app, you can forget about the hassles of late payment fees, tracking funds and overspending. So you can focus less on banking and enjoy more of what life has to offer. Welcome to effortless banking.

Find out more about insights on digibank here: #dbs #digibank #everydaybanking #thisisdbsdigibanking

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