Personetics Act

Autonomous Money Management

If AI can drive cars and play chess, why can’t it help me manage my finances?

Actually, it can.

With Act, financial institutions can provide automated, AI-powered money management programs, working on behalf of customers to help them reach their financial goals:

How does Act work on behalf of the customer?

Act works hand-in-hand with each customer to meet financial needs and goals, doing the heavy lifting to continually analyze changing financial situations, recommend and execute actions, and keep the customer informed and engaged.

It starts by evaluating individual financial situation and needs, engaging and guiding the customer to define personal actionable goals – save more, reduce debt, or make progress towards long-term financial targets.

Always analyzing the customer finances, it identifies opportunities to make progress towards these goals – automatically executing transfers and payments on behalf of the customer or suggesting recommendations for the customer to act on – learning and optimizing these actions over time.

Long-term Savings

Short-term Microsavings


A win-win proposition for the consumer and the bank

For Customers

  • Let the automated program help you meet your financial goals while you go about your busy life
  • Stay in complete control – adjust your goals, set limits, or opt out at any time

For Banks

  • Increase stickiness and share of wallet for current account holders
  • Attract customers that hold their primary account with other banks
3 out of 5 consumers would be interested in automated savings programs. — Mercator Advisory Report, April 2017

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