Hi David,

Your CD term is ending. Rollover now?

Hi Jill,

Your Verizon bill is due in 2 days.

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digital banking customers be…


Timely informed.
Financially aware.
Personally engaged.
Exceptionally satisfied.

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Hi Art,

We just opened a new branch near you.

Hi Maria,

Congrats! You're almost done paying off your loan.

Hi Rob,

We've got important news about your credit card.

Hi Dan,

Here's an idea we think you'll appreciate...

Hi Chad,

Your AutoPay won't cover this month's minimum.

Hi Sid,

Great job increasing your savings this month!

Hi Joan,

Check out these refunds you received.

Hi Ana,

You incurred $12 in ATM fees. Save by using ours.

Hi Kate,

We've found a potential duplicate charge.

Hi Kim,

Traveling abroad? This card has no exchange fees.

We are helping leading banks around the world (including 3 of the top 15) remain relevant to their customers in the digital age.

Using real-time predictive analytics to anticipate individual customer needs, our platform enables financial institutions to provide timely and relevant self-service and guidance at each step along the customer journey—elevating engagement, affinity, and trust.



Enhanced Customer Experience

“…the new service which explains my purchases is amazing. I am impressed …and will continue to use my card for a long time.”


Lower operational costs

Using Personetics, less than 5% of customers requested live agent assistance.


Increased Cross selling

30% of customers accepted a relevant offer or service when it was presented by Personetics.


Greater Online Engagement

Personetics’ personal and proactive user experience more than doubled “click to action” and also boosted average number of clicks across the website.

How it works

For each login, we build a real-time customer-specific view using a combination of your bank's existing data and external sources. We combine this with our extensive library of pre-loaded banking knowledge to produce a customer experience that delivers powerful insights tailored to each individual and gets better over time.


When the customer logs in, our platform analyzes the most current and predictive data to create a personalized list of actionable insights.


Upon a user's request, the solution will deliver step-by-step guidance; either displaying relevant information or directing the customer to the appropriate bank service on your site.


Our predictive analytics are constantly learning. Utilizing customer feedback to deliver a more targeted and a personalized digital experience.

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