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Enhanced Customer Experience

“…the new service which explains my purchases is amazing. I am impressed …and will continue to use my card for a long time.”


Lower operational costs

Using Personetics, 55% fewer customers required live agent assistance.


Increased Cross selling

30% of customers accepted a relevant offer or service when it was presented by Personetics.


Greater Online Engagement

Personetics’ personal and proactive user experience more than doubled “click to action” and also boosted average number of clicks across the website.

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RBC’s stab at fixing what’s broken in personal financial management

Royal Bank of Canada is poised to launch an artificial-intelligence-based financial guidance and savings module in its banking app. The bank hopes it will be the breakthrough technology that finally makes personal financial management software popular.

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Personetics puts money management on autopilot with AI

Personetics, the leading provider of cognitive applications for the financial services sector, is taking AI-powered banking to the next level with the launch of Personetics Act. The new solution introduces automated algorithmic programs that simplify banking and act on behalf of customers to help them achieve their financial goals.

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Financial Institutions Bullish on Chatbots

A survey conducted by Personetics shows that over three quarters of financial institution respondents view chatbots as a viable commercial solution now or within the next 1-2 years, and almost half of the companies already have active chatbot projects in place. A majority of the respondents see a substantial share of customer conversations handled by bots within 3-5 years.

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Will Using AI for PFM Help Consumers Develop Better Financial Habits?

Fintechs have been exploring this idea for quite some time now, whether it be through fraud management, or using AI to execute trades across global equities algorithms business. Banks are just starting to look into how AI can be used for consumer finance beyond customer support. But now, the Royal Bank of Canada is implementing AI technology, powered by Personetics, into its mobile app for PFM.

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Where will Millennials stash their extra cash?

With interest rate inching up, banks are expecting a robust deposits growth. But there is one wild card that banks must keep in mind: where will these deposits go?

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Press Release

Personetics Enables Canadian Bank to Deliver AI-powered Financial Guidance and Automated Savings

Personetics Cognitive Banking applications power new RBC digital services that help clients stay on top of their finances and fast-track savings as part of the mobile banking experience

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8 Things Your Bot Should Do to Make Customers Smile

While bots are new and will take time to mature, there are several key requirements they must be able to accomplish in order to be seen as useful and trusted by customers when it comes to their finances.

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