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Enhanced Customer Experience

“…the new service which explains my purchases is amazing. I am impressed …and will continue to use my card for a long time.”


Lower operational costs

Using Personetics, 55% fewer customers required live agent assistance.


Increased Cross selling

30% of customers accepted a relevant offer or service when it was presented by Personetics.


Greater Online Engagement

Personetics’ personal and proactive user experience more than doubled “click to action” and also boosted average number of clicks across the website.

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RBC is building AI into its mobile banking app

RBC this week went live with automated personal finance and budgeting capabilities within its mobile app. It’s more evidence of a major shift in what mobile banking means to consumers, as banks build in features that tell customers how they’ve been spending their money, or automatically take their spare cash and put it in a savings account.

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Personetics leverages AI to help chip away at student loan crisis

Personetics Act puts the Nudge Theory to work by helping banks identify consumers that have a student loan and can afford to pay it off faster. The programme offers these consumer a tailored, automated service that adjusts to changes in their spending behavior and continually analyses their financial picture to find unused funds that can be applied toward the existing loan balance.

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How consumer banking leaders are embracing AI

Ally Bank was one of the first to launch an AI-based virtual assistant two years ago: Ally Assist, which is based on technology from Personetics. Ally Assist already provides a contextualized user experience. “Consumers have the ability to speak or text questions, then based on how they interact with Ally Assist, the content is customized when they come back next time.”

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Will Using AI for PFM Help Consumers Develop Better Financial Habits?

Fintechs have been exploring this idea for quite some time now, whether it be through fraud management, or using AI to execute trades across global equities algorithms business. Banks are just starting to look into how AI can be used for consumer finance beyond customer support. But now, the Royal Bank of Canada is implementing AI technology, powered by Personetics, into its mobile app for PFM.

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‘Tis the season to be predictive: who called it right in 2017?

As we head into the last days of the year, every industry pundit with an ounce of self-respect is rushing to come up with predictions for the new year. While we’d love to join the party, as an analytics company we take predictions very seriously. So before we rush to look into our crystal ball, let’s first see how some of the predictions for 2017 turned out…

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Press Release

New Personetics Solution Enables Banks to Deliver AI-powered Student Loan Relief

AI-powered service applies the ‘Nudge Theory’ to help bank customers fast-track their student loan repayment, shaving off years of debt and saving thousands in interest payments

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Save a Buck For Me: Managing Personal Finances in the AI Era

The rise of the digital channel as the primary mode of interaction and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence capabilities throughout all aspects of consumers’ lives present banks with new opportunities to redefine their relationships with customers.

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