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Enhanced Customer Experience

“…the new service which explains my purchases is amazing. I am impressed …and will continue to use my card for a long time.”


Lower operational costs

Using Personetics, 55% fewer customers required live agent assistance.


Increased Cross selling

30% of customers accepted a relevant offer or service when it was presented by Personetics.


Greater Online Engagement

Personetics’ personal and proactive user experience more than doubled “click to action” and also boosted average number of clicks across the website.

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Paris-based Societe Generale plans to roll out a chatbot based on Personetics technology later this year at BRD Groupe Societe Generale, its Romanian banking unit. At first, it will only answer questions for investors in its equity funds. If all goes well, the chatbot will be extended to retail products like deposit accounts and bill payment and it will be rolled out to other territories. The bank is trying to focus the chatbot on a distinct set of about 15 topics, yet give it some flexibility in what the client can say and how the chatbot will respond.

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While most people want to save more, the vast majority have a hard time putting money aside to meet their own savings goals. In fact, a recent survey found that as many as 63 percent of Americans are unable to set aside enough money (at least $1,000) to cover unexpected or emergency expenses. But there is no need to panic if your account balance isn’t exactly where you hoped it would be. You can now get help from an unexpected source — AI-powered bots provided by your bank.

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“It’s an area that is becoming more and more open and available to use by multiple vendors,” says David Sosna, in an interview with Banking Exchange. He is CEO and cofounder, Personetics, which specializes in improving customer experience, including advanced chatbots. He says workable chatbot technology, augmented by AI, exists, and is becoming more sophisticated.

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As attendees saw at this year’s FinovateFall, the fintech world is far from giving up on the technology, with quite a few companies presenting new ‘bots, including the AI-powered platform showed off by Personetics. “We meant the bot to understand human behavior, to apply [customer solutions,]” says Personetics founder David Sosna of Personetics Anywhere. The company’s chatbot aims to provide financial institutions with predictive data analytics backed by AI.

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Where will Millennials stash their extra cash?

With interest rate inching up, banks are expecting a robust deposits growth. But there is one wild card that banks must keep in mind: where will these deposits go?

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Press Release

Personetics Enables Canadian Bank to Deliver AI-powered Financial Guidance and Automated Savings

Personetics Cognitive Banking applications power new RBC digital services that help clients stay on top of their finances and fast-track savings as part of the mobile banking experience

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8 Things Your Bot Should Do to Make Customers Smile

While bots are new and will take time to mature, there are several key requirements they must be able to accomplish in order to be seen as useful and trusted by customers when it comes to their finances.

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