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Press Releases

Bank of The Philippine Islands (BPI) Addresses the Core Need for Personalized Finance With New “Track and Plan” Solution in Mobile App

Global standards for digital banking have been rising rapidly. Customers are demanding more value from their banks and today’s informational apps are no longer enough. To keep ahead of the curve, BPI turned to Personetics to help them achieve their mission of creating a culture of financial wellness for their customers.  

In this video, Fitzgerald Chee, BPI SVP, Head of Consumer Platforms, describes how partnering with Personetics empowers BPI to: 

  • Help customers understand how financial events impact their ability to meet savings, investment, and purchasing goals 
  • Advice its customers with hyper-personalised insights and critical alerts  
  • Make it easy for customers to take control of their money habits 

To learn more about how your financial institution can, like Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), boost customer engagement and amplify its impact on their financial well-being, contact us for an expert consultation today. 

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