crossing the ai chasm

Crossing the AI Chasm for Financial Services

Every day brings another exciting story of how artificial intelligence is improving our lives, and using AI to better manage our money is a hot topic. Financial institutions are trying to figure out how they can incorporate AI into their customer engagement architecture, but the chasm between cool demos and real projects is very real,…


Meeting Customers Where They Already Are with AI-Powered Chat Bots

We are in the midst of a transformation. Activate, a consultancy, estimates that 3.6 billion people will have at least one messaging app installed on their smartphone by 2018. That’s half the world’s population, and 90 percent of people with an Internet connection. Already, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger process a combined 60 billion messages each…


New Facebook Messenger encryption could be a game-changer for mobile banking

Two TechCrunch articles last Friday should have caught the eyes of every banker. The first is obvious, as it explains why Banks should not underestimate Facebook Messenger. As the article says, “The introduction of chatbots on the Facebook messenger platform could revolutionize the way we look at relationship banking… The bots for messenger platform represent…


How Can Regional and Mid-Tier Banks Catch Up to the Big Banks in Mobile?

Regional and mid-tier banks face an uphill battle on the digital front, but have advantages they can capitalize on with some focus and determination Alarm bells are sounding in boardrooms of regional and mid-tier banks across the U.S. Or at least they should be. The largest national banks have pulled ahead in mobile, according a…


Dear Bank, are you trying to talk to me on Messenger?

I’m a big time user of messaging apps. I use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to communicate with family and friends, Skype for work, and iMessenger for pretty much everything. It’s not that I am especially tech savvy or over-communicative. Messaging platforms are accessed daily by billions of users worldwide. WhatsApp has over a billion users….


Personalization or Personalisation? Either way, people (and banks) are taking notice.

The critical role of personalization in shaping Banking-to-Consumer relationships is becoming evident. Recognized for our leadership role in enabling the personalization of digital banking, Personetics is a proud member of the FinTech50 list, announced this week at Money20/20 in Copenhagen. “If robo-advice was the most popular theme, personalization struck me as the most important one.”…

Crystal ball - Dollar rain. clipping path included.

Banking as usual or the end of banking as we know it?

What Jamie Dimon, David Sosna, and others say about the future of banking JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon is known as a visionary, so it was a bit surprising to read his take on the future of banking in a recent interview with Bloomberg Business: “Companies are going to have needs for equity, debt, advice, FX,…


Finovate – as the pixie dust dissipates

Earlier this month we had the privilege of being part of Class of 2016 in Finovate Europe. The experience was somewhat magical, as 70 companies took the stage for their seven minutes of fame in front of a packed and enthusiastic audience. The audience was an interesting mix of financial services executives, FinTech companies, and…


2015: Personalization at the Tipping Point

Wow, was this an exciting year! Before we move on to 2016, let’s catch a breather and do a quick recap of some of the highlights of the past year. We seem to be at the tipping point, as more and more financial institutions realize they have to get personal with their customers if they…