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Customer Stories

Advancing Mobile Transformation at Akbank – Boosting Customer engagement and Financial Well-being

In a rapidly evolving banking landscape, customer expectations are soaring. With the continuous march of digitalization, it’s paramount for banks to align with customer needs. Step into the world of Akbank and Personetics, where collaboration is reshaping the meaning of customer satisfaction.

Watch the Video to Uncover:

  • How Akbank is driving customer financial success to the forefront of its mobile banking strategy.
  • Akbank’s journey through digitalization and its transformative business impact.
  • Discover the rationale behind Akbank’s choice of Personetics as a strategic ally.
  • Gain insights into the tangible value and success metrics achieved through banking IQ. Plus, get a sneak peek into the roadmap ahead.

This inspiring video showcases the synergy between Akbank and Personetics, shaping a brighter financial future.

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