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[On demand webinar] Beyond PFM: The Rise of Impactful PFE (Personal Financial Engagement)  

The rise of advanced, real-time analytics and usage of transactional data unlocks a new era in customer engagement for financial institutions. Banks increasingly seek to deliver value through digital customer engagement, and executing a modern PFE strategy is one of the best ways to start.


Today’s Personal Financial Engagement (PFE) goes beyond basic current spending analysis and budgeting tools. PFE is utilizing financial data-driven actionable insights to provide customers with tailored recommendations, automated goal tracking, proactive guidance and automated journeys directly to customers.


This webinar, co-hosted with Celent, dove into the why and how of PFE. We explored how banks should use automation and advanced analytics to personalize the customer experience, proactively surface financial management insights, and seamlessly integrate them into everyday digital banking experiences, ultimately driving financial wellness and a competitive edge.

Beyond PFM: The Rise of Impactful PFE

This exclusive webinar with Celent and Personetics will discuss:

  • Celent’s Upcoming New Report on Personal Financial Engagement: Decoded! Uncover exclusive insights on PFE’s power to drive impactful customer engagement
  • Craft Your PFE Playbook: Discover modern PFE strategies for hyper-personalized engagement – use cases and ROI included
  • PFM’s Supercharged Cousin: Witness PFE transform from basic spending tracking into a loyalty-building and sales engine
  • Actionable Insights, Deepening Customer Attachment: Learn winning strategies to deliver personalized engagement and increase customer share of wallet.


Real-World PFE Heroes: See how banks are using Personetics’ PFE to unlock financial wellness for their customers and drive impact.

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