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[On demand webinar] Central Bank Engages Customers with Hyper-Personalized AI Banking

Discover how Central Bank is transforming customer relationships through Personetics’ self-driving finance AI. In this insightful webinar, learn from EVP and CMO Dan Westhues how the regional bank is using advanced data analytics and machine learning to deliver hyper-personalized financial guidance, tailored money management tools, and holistic advice aligned to each customer’s unique goals and situation.

Central Bank Engages Customers with Hyper-Personalized AI Banking

By integrating Personetics’ cutting-edge technology, Central Bank can:


  • Provide actionable, real-time insights into spending, cash flow, and savings opportunities
  • Surface smart, personalized recommendations for optimizing finances
  • Engage customers with contextual money conversations based on their financial DNA
  • Replicate the personalized service of a branch through AI-driven digital consultations


Don’t miss this opportunity to see the future of digital banking in action. Watch the webinar on-demand and discover how AI can elevate your customer engagement strategies.

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