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Customer Stories

How Community Banks Like Union Savings Bank Can Be Leaders In Customer Advocacy & Digital Engagement

Community banks are competing against agile fintechs and major banks with big budgets for digital features. But community banks can be leaders in digital engagement – by partnering with FIS and Personetics.  

Lessons from FIS Spending Insights 

In this case study, learn more about the success story of Union Savings Bank, a community bank based in Connecticut. The team at Union Savings Bank were the first FIS client bank to launch FIS Spending Insights, powered by Personetics.  

Union Savings Bank partnered with FIS and Personetics
After only a few months, Union Savings Bank has already seen significant business impact, including:  

  • 94% of mobile users receiving personalized insights  
  • 20% increase in customer engagement  
  • 50+ personalized data points about each customer’s finances 
  • +7 points increase in NPS 
  • 4.6/5 average insight customer satisfaction rating  

Learn more in our new case study.  


Learn more in our new case study

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