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April 19, 2020

Bank Promo Video Compilation

We’ve seen our banks do super creative things with video and thought we’d share some of the highlights here.

Ally Bank

If your bank is letting your money be messy, organize it with Buckets from Ally. Visit ally.com to learn more about our Online Savings Account and the rest of our new smart savings tools. For all things money, you deserve an ally.

US Bank

Meet the new U.S. Bank Mobile App. With more intuitive features and smart, timely insights, it gets to know you personally to help you understand how you use your money.


Power your banking with personalised insights, unique to your needs, habits and preferences. Experience a mightier way to bank, pay and play with UOB Mighty, an all-in-one app.

AXA Banque

AXA Banque offers insights and promotes insurance products to banking customers

Huntington Bank

When Huntington Banks heard that its customers needed help tracking their spending, the bank invented a tighten up belt to help control their spending. This happens to a man when he goes to the furniture store to buy a new couch. To simplify this, the bank presents Huntington Heads Up which gives you a heads up of how much you’re spending when you make a budget.

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