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Engagement v2

Personalized Guidance for the Financial Customer Journey

Personetics Engage provides real-time, personalized and proactive Insights and Advice that keep customers engaged and help them stay on top of their finances. Using real-time predictive analytics to empower customers, it’s time banks re-establish themselves as trusted partners.

How Banks Use Predictive Analytics To Empower Customers

Deliver financial-data driven personalized alerts, insights and advice

Provides standalone bite sized information about a customer’s financial activity and what to focus on right now

Assists customers in better managing their financial lives

Suggest specific steps to increase savings, reduce debt, and improve financial outcomes

Includes complete server-side support, client widgets and data enrichment catalog

Contextual Digital Sales

Turn Insights into Actional Insights by integrating transaction-based call-to-actions connected with back-end products and services to provide real time financial insights and advice. By enhancing Insights with CTA buttons or links, banks turn proactive Insights into product upsell opportunities.

Eligibility Evaluate a customer’s real-time eligibility for a product or service
  • Pre-approved loan
  • Pre-approved credit card
  • Likely to buy from Propensity Model
Context Generate relevant product offerings
  • Balance too low
  • Significant Purchase
  • Regular deposit increase / Increase in free cashflow
Recommended Product Present them to customers when they are most likely to need them
  • Short term loan
  • Travel rewards card
  • Child savings account / Managed portfolio

Insights: Some Examples

Similar Subscriptions

Recognizes when a customer is paying for overlapping subscription services and helps the customer to unsubscribe

Promote Impulse Savings

Use up-to-date financials to prompt user to transfer a suggested amount of money to savings


The Right Information for Each Customer at the Right Time

Engage analyzes user-specific transaction data to create personalized actionable insights. To determine the optimal prioritization and display order for each user, we utilize a proprietary learning algorithm that identifies and ranks the most relevant insights at any point in time.

Real-Time Insights

Insights are triggered upon invocation, to ensure they account for the most recent customer activity and reduce false positives. For example, alerting a customer to a low balance issue based on previous night’s batch feed would be inaccurate if the customer had a cleared deposit earlier in the day.

Out-of-the-Box User Insights for Financial Services

Engage comes with a rich library of pre-built user scenarios that include banking-specific triggers and workflows validated with banking customers across the globe, with new insights added on an ongoing basis.


Over time, Engage learns from individual customer interactions to better select and prioritize insights for each customer. It also supports the ability to capture explicit user feedback (rating, likes, etc.) that is utilized as part of the learning algorithm.

Differentiate by Creating Custom Insights

The Engagement Builder let’s banks quickly and easily create custom content and engaging insights with a codeless management console that speeds up the development cycle and deployment to all bank channels.

Target Customer Segments


Offer day-to-day banking insights and automated savings programs to drive digital activity and loyalty​

Mass Affluent

Engage customers on important banking activity and deepen relationships through financial wellness programs​

Small Business

Offer cash flow control and business management advice for easier business oversight and scaling​


Increase Engagement, Satisfaction, and Response. Using Engage, banks are able to:

Increase customer engagement

by providing contextually-relevant insight and advice

Offer products and services

which anticipate and meet customer needs

Seamlessly adapt

to user preferences while retaining the ultimate control

Accelerate time-to-market

with pre-packaged financial services knowledge

Results in Numbers:


Increase Customer Engagement


Average Customer Experience Rating


Net Promoter Score


Increase Customer Engagement


Click Through Rate on advice and product recommendations


improvement in customer retention


year over year digital sales growth

Customer Examples

UOB Mighty App

100 custom built insights developed internally to create differentiation through proprietary Personalization IP​

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