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Meet us at American Banker DIGITAL BANKING in Austin

American Banker: DIGITAL BANKING 2022

The Personetics team is coming to Austin for American Banker DIGITAL BANKING on June 13-15. We would love to meet you there! 

Jody Bhagat, President of Americas, will be giving a presentation on Monday, June 13 at 1 pm on “Delivering Personalized Advice at Scale.”  

American_Banker Personetics

Let’s set up a meeting time at Booth #422. We’ll show you how Personetics can help your financial institution with:  

  • Cleansing and enriching your customer transaction data: unlock value from your customer data and show your customers a clearer view of their personal finances  
  • Driving engagement with personalized insights and advice: help your clients manage their money, spend smarter, and organize their finances with personalized recommendations  
  • Making financial wellness automatic: empower your customers to save money, pay down their debt, and build wealth with our self-adjustable, automated financial wellness programs  
  • Leading your customers with green banking: our new Sustainability Insights is the first solution that helps banking customers reduce their carbon footprints – by suggesting greener spending choices and climate-friendly financial goals  

Book a meeting in advance by using the form. See you at DIGITAL BANKING!  

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