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April 3, 2022

NAFCU Services Announces Partnership to Provide Credit Unions with Personetics Data-driven Personalized Member Engagement Platform

Arlington, VA. – March 31, 2022 – NAFCU Services announced today that Personetics has become the newest Preferred Partner to join their program serving credit unions. The partnership was approved following a rigorous, independent review and voting process by two boards of credit union CEOs. By partnering with Personetics, NAFCU is helping credit unions gain access to the latest digital-first solutions to understand, anticipate, and respond to their members’ needs. Personetics provides solutions using AI that include helping consumers achieve their financial goals; such as paying down debt or growing their savings. By using data-driven insights and personalized advice, Personetics’ platform reinforces credit unions’ brand promise to look out for the financial well-being of their members.

Personetics’ solutions help credit unions leverage their natural competitive advantage of being member-first while embracing digital transformation to help them grow their membership and enhance their personalized services”, said Randy Salser, President of NAFCU Services. “We’re excited to welcome the Personetics team as our Preferred Partner for data-driven personalization and PFM, and to keep strengthening our industry together.”

“Credit unions and Personetics share a common mission to improve people’s financial wellness,” said Jody Bhagat, Personetics President of Americas. “We believe that credit unions shouldn’t be at a disadvantage when employing digital offerings and advanced analytics. We help credit unions create the same level of intelligent interactions and personalized insights as major banks, so credit unions can do more of what they do best by providing their members with personalized solutions tailored to their individual needs to help meet their financial goals. We help credit unions compete more effectively and grow their revenues and membership base. By delivering relevant advice, personalized insights and targeted recommendations based on each member’s transactional data, credit unions can deepen member relationships and deliver higher levels of satisfaction.

About NAFCU Services

As part of the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions, NAFCU Services provides funding, educational content, and a portfolio of trusted and vetted Preferred Partners.

For 40+ years, we’ve served credit unions across the country. Our team of partners delivers groundbreaking ideas and next-gen solutions, enabling credit unions to compete, change the status quo, and grow their institutions. For more information, visit our website and follow us on Twitter.

About Personetics

Personetics is the global leader in financial data-driven personalization, member engagement, and advanced money management capabilities for financial institutions. We are creating the future of “Self-Driving Finance,” where credit unions act on their members’ behalf to improve their financial wellness.   Our data analytics solutions harness members’ financial transaction data to provide day-to-day actionable insights, personalized recommendations, product-based financial advice, and automated financial wellness programs. Personetics serves over 80 financial institutions spanning 30 global markets, reaching 120 million customers. Learn more at personetics.com.

Originally published on NAFCU, March 31, 2022: https://www.nafcu.org/newsroom/nafcu-services-announces-partnership-provide-credit-unions-personetics-data-driven-personalized-member-engagement-platform

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