Financial institutions are turning to chatbots and messaging apps to engage with customers. But bots and messaging conversations must be smart and helpful, or customers will turn them off just as quickly as they started.

The Personetics Anywhere chatbot provides financial institutions a quick way to deliver a rich personalized digital experience to millions of users that don’t necessarily use the bank’s web or mobile apps. It allows banks to deploy a chatbot solution that can quickly respond to customer requests and deliver timely insights and advice in a conversational medium that customers are familiar and comfortable with.

A Single Engine to Power Conversations on All Messaging Platforms.

Personetics Anywhere can power your financial institution’s bot on multiple messaging platforms, allowing you to reach users wherever they are with minimal deployment effort

* Not all messaging platforms are available yet, contact us for details and release schedule.

How to connect with customers on messaging apps


Forget cross-selling! Offer information and advice with the customer needs in mind.


The bot is your bank. Make sure it has the knowledge to respond intelligently to customers’ questions and requests.


Telling me to call your 800 number is not helpful! Provide useful information and insight to keep customers coming back.

How it works

AI-powered Financial Intelligence

Conversations powered by the Personetics Anywhere chatbot are driven by an advanced natural language understanding model for financial services. It can classify customer requests and recognize intent, ensuring that responses and insights provided to each customer are intelligent, relevant, and useful.

Automated Content Tagging and Indexing

Personetics Anywhere applies in-depth understanding of financial-related topics to automatically tag and index your existing content so it can be accurately integrated into the conversation with your customer. Your content can be served in its native format, eliminating the need to recreate or duplicate anything.

Out-of-the-Box Knowledge for Financial Services

Personetics Anywhere comes with a rich library of over 150 pre-built user interactions validated with financial services customers across the globe, including banking-specific triggers and workflows that you can put to use right away.


Over time, Personetics Anywhere learns from each individual’s behavior how to create smarter and more useful conversations with each customer, positioning your bank as an intelligent advisor the customer can trust and appreciate.

Controlled by the Bank

While Personetics Anywhere comes pre-loaded with rich options you can deploy out-of-the box, the Personetics Content Editor allows business users to modify pre-built interactions and create new ones, giving your bank complete control over the nature of conversations with your customers.

Bank-level Security and Compliance

Personetics Anywhere connects to your bank systems through secure enterprise-grade protocols that ensure compliance with bank standards. Access to individual transaction data is highly-secured and must be authenticated and opted-in by the user just like in your own bank application.

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