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Conversational Self-Service for Financial Services


Conversational Self-Service for Financial Services

Assist is an AI-driven chatbot solution that empowers customers with personalized, context-aware, and timely support resources. Personetics Assist is the only digital self-service solution built specifically for the financial services industry. The solution is installed today at leading financial institutions, providing personalized service and assistance to tens of millions of customers. Financial institutions that use Assist are rewarded with higher operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Scores, and some of the industry’s most prestigious awards!

How is Assist Different from Other Chatbots?

It Knows Finance

It Knows Finance

Featuring powerful Natural Language Understanding fine-tuned for financial services, Assist can quickly comprehend what bank customers are asking for and respond with accurate and helpful options.



Based on Personetics’ patented technology, Assist conversations incorporate the customer’s most recent transaction data, providing responses that are most relevant in the context of each individual’s financial activity and banking relationships.



Using predictive analytics, Assist can anticipate customer questions and issues, offering “just-in-time” insights and advice that keep your bank one step ahead of the customer.



Assist doesn’t just point the way, it can actually help the customer get things done – just type or say “send a payment”, “change my password”, “set up an appointment”, or any other action.



Assist provides a single solution that can be deployed across all customer interaction channels – from the bank’s website and mobile app to popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa.

Ready to Deploy

Ready to Deploy

To accelerate time-to-market and reduce deployment and maintenance effort, Assist is able to index and serve your existing content in its current format, eliminating the need to recreate or duplicate anything.

How Assist Delivers the Guidance Customers Really Look For

Assistance offered by Personetics is based on real-time predictive analytics that incorporate unique personalized knowledge:

The customer relationships with your institution

What products are used? Are they eligible for awards or promotional offers?

Real-time analysis of account and transaction data

Is there a payment due? Will the balance drop below average?

The activity the customer is performing

Trying to make a payment? Want to open a new account?

Learning applied from previous interactions

What responses and actions did this customer and others like her choose in previous similar interactions?

“Customer satisfaction with Assist’s interactive and intuitive assistance has been extremely positive, above and beyond anything we’ve ever seen with other self-service tools.”

Senior Bank Executive, Personetics Customer


Reduce Call & Chat Traffic While Improving Customer Satisfaction.

Assist delivers proven measurable results, enabling some of the world’s largest financial institutions to:


operational costs through call and chat deflection


user satisfaction by delivering a highly-personalized self-service experience


time-to-market with pre-built financial services knowledge and reuse of existing content


Increase in costumer satisfaction


Reduction in chat session


Reduction in call volume

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