Personetics Engage

Personalized Guidance for the Financial Customer Journey

Customer expectations from their
banking providers in the digital age go beyond just access to data and ease of use.

How will your bank respond to changing customer expectations in the digital age?
Personetics Engage is a new breed of banking solution, one that truly puts customer needs first. It provides timely and useful insights that keep customers informed and help them better control and manage their financial aff­airs. Using real-time predictive analytics to empower customers, banks can reestablish themselves as trusted partners to the consumer.

How Banks Use Predictive Analytics to Empower Customers


Engage transforms user-specific data streams (including relationships, transactions, location, and behavior) into personalized, predictive, and actionable insights delivered in real-time to each user through the bank’s digital applications.
These personalized insights include:


How it Works

The Right Information for Each Customer at the Right Time
Our platform analyzes the most current and predictive data to create a personalized list of actionable insights. To determine user-specific prioritization of the insights to be presented and their display order, we utilize a proprietary learning algorithm that identifies and ranks the most relevant insights at any given point in time.
Real-Time Insights
Insights are triggered upon invocation, to ensure they account for the most recent customer activity and reduce false positives. For example, alerting a customer to a low balance issue based on previous night’s batch feed would be inaccurate if the customer had a cleared deposit earlier in the day.
Out-of-the-Box User Insights for Financial Services
Engage comes with a rich library of pre-built insights that include banking-specific triggers and business workflows including reminders, analysis of spending patterns, ways to avoid fees, highlighting of potential issues, and suggestions for relevant products and services. These scenarios have been validated with banking customers across the globe, with new insights added on an ongoing basis.
Over time, the system learns from individual customer interactions to better prioritize insights for each customer. The system also supports the ability to capture explicit user feedback (rating, likes, etc.) that is utilized as part of the learning algorithm.
Controlled by the Bank
The Personetics solution includes a Content Editor that is a business user interface for managing pre-built insights and creating new insights using the Personetics framework.


Benefits and Results

Using Engage, Banks are able to:

The results speak for themselves:


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Personetics is working with some of the world’s leading banks that are now realizing the potential of personalized digital banking.
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