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October 31, 2019

Personetics is Driving Applied Innovation in Financial Services with Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification

Dorel Blitz, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Personetics, joined Elias Ghanem and Farhan Sahito of Capgemini to discuss successfully completing their ScaleUp Qualification program and how collaborating with Capgemini and its network will benefit and accelerate continued global scale up along with further development of the features and capabilities of Self-Driving Finance™, the industry’s first and leading AI-based proactive and personalized engagement platform for financial services providers.

The ScaleUp Qualification program was developed by Capgemini to identify and qualify ScaleUps (which are defined as being mature StartUps) for their ability to effectively collaborate with large, traditional corporate partners and industrialize their offerings with sustained revenue generation.

In regard to the process of qualifying, Blitz said:

“It was a great experience, it was a very professional one. We spoke with various Capgemini experts globally. We were asked and we showed all sorts of capabilities and demonstrated our abilities. It went very fast and we gained a lot of insights coming out of that. We’re glad to collaborate with Capgemini.”

Earlier this year in March, Personetics won the Silver Medal in the FinTechVisor Race to the Top competition held by Capgemini and Efma to identify the Best FinTech of 2019.

You can listen to the full ‘Driving Applied Innovation in Financial Services with Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification’ podcast now:

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