What if your bank could accurately anticipate individual customer needs and deliver a highly personalized digital experience that helps customers improve how they manage their day-to-day finances? And what if by doing so you could also elevate the level of customer engagement, reduce costs, increase cross-sales, and drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Turn the vision of personalized digital

banking into a reality.
Personalized digital banking is not a futuristic vision. It’s a reality that is already implemented and practiced by some of the world’s leading banks. We bring together advanced technologies including predictive analytics, natural language processing and machine learning – empowering your bank to transform real-time individual data points, transactions, and events into personalized insights that are timely, relevant, and useful.

Why are Personetics insights uniquely powerful?


They are based on deep analysis of a broad range of personal customer data and therefore highly relevant.


They rely on real-time data presented in the appropriate context.


They anticipate customer needs.


They reveal patterns and exceptions that are "beyond trivial" and not easy for the customer to uncover.


They are connected to the bank’s operational systems.

Join the leaders: the rewards are significant.

By placing consumer’s interests first, banks that have taken the lead in delivering personalized value are achieving major improvements in customer engagement, satisfaction, and trust.

We want to give our customers a deeper awareness of their bank account activity in a unique and insightful manner, ultimately allowing more control in managing their money right at their fingertips.

Senior Bank Executive,

Personetics Customer

Redefine Customer Engagement: From Self-Service
to Personalized Guidance.

Personetics banking solutions address customers’ needs for advice and guidance with their financial affairs. The benefits range from accurate and relevant answers for those that actively seek assistance to proactive and personalized guidance for each customer throughout their financial journey.


Next Generation Digital
Self-service for Financial Servcies.

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Personal Guidance For the
Financial Customer Journey.

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Simplify deployment.

To make deployment simple, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Our solutions are entirely focused on financial services, and include several unique capabilities based on our experience working with some of the largest financial institutions worldwide:

  • A library of over 150 pre-loaded user insights for financial services
  • Pre-defined workflows for financial services customers
  • Specifically-tuned Natural Language Processing (NLP) model with financial services knowledge
  • Predictive self-service requests for financial services customers

Based on users’ interaction with the system, our solutions apply machine learning technology to continuously improve the accuracy and relevance of the information and recommendations served to each individual – enhancing the customer experience with no extra effort or cost.

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Personetics is working with some of the world’s leading banks that are now realizing the potential of personalized digital banking.

See how Personetics can help your bank increase customer engagement across digital channels.

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