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Banking on Innovation Podcast EP01 with Dennis Devine CEO of Alliant Credit Union

Dennis Devine CEO of Alliant Credit Union: How to be Customer-centric in a Digital-first Organization. The inaugural episode of our leadership podcast series, Banking on Innovation, launched yesterday with an interview with Dennis Devine, President and CEO of Alliant Credit Union.

Dennis was the natural choice as my first guest on the podcast, which features leaders driving customer-centric innovation in banking. His perspective is unique and compelling, given his background in leadership roles in regional banks such as KeyBank, Citizens Financial Group and PNC Bank.

Dennis says that no matter the size or nature of organization in which he worked, the key to scaling and innovating successfully was being extremely focused on member needs.

At Alliant, he said, “One of our superpowers is being clear about who we are and what we are, because if we try to be everything to everyone, as an institution our size, we just can’t be successful.”

In this environment in which your brand and proposition must be very well-defined, there will be opportunities to experiment, but for this you may have to lean more heavily on partners in financial technology.

To make this work, you need to learn to become “as good a partner as anyone can be,” making your organization attractive to good partners not just through attractive deals but through successful onboarding and a long-term relationship.

Listen to the podcast episode here: SpotifyAppleGoogle 

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