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Banking on Innovation Podcast EP03 with Brendan Coughlin from Citizens Bank

Brendan Coughlin, who is responsible for national and regional banking at Citizens, is our guest this week on Banking on Innovation. Brendan has an 18-year history at the bank, which has over 1,200 branches and $192 billion in assets. And he has driven outsized market share growth in every position he has held, whether in consumer deposits and lending, consumer banking product management or consumer finance.

During the podcast, Brendan explained how he has innovated at every stage of his career, both when he was starting new services within Citizens and when he managed mature ones. So while there is increased pressure on banks to differentiate because of greater customer choice, disruption does not have to come from obvious quarters like challenger banks. It can take place in regional banks too: “That’s what we’re trying to do at Citizens – be a fintech within the structure of a mature, well-run, well-capitalized bank.

It’s easier said than done, but this is that moment in the market where the banks are going to separate from each other and say, which ones can lean into that hybrid mindset and which ones retrench back to the traditional mindset. And I think that will be what separates the winners from the losers.” Brendan urged banks to think in new ways about digital acceleration, arguing that “It’s not just about technology and displacement of bricks-and-mortar. It’s about financial confidence and empowerment for customers.”

Banks need to deliver the personalized insights across all channels, and consider now how to upskill and invest in their branch staff to enable them to deliver that value, as part of the digital acceleration process. Plus you’ll learn: – How Brendan re-invented himself at every stage of his career – and how this prepared him for his biggest role to date – Why high net worth individuals need basic financial insights – it’s not just for mass market customers – Why Brendan believes banks have an advantage over fintechs – and are well positioned to “win” – The real key to improving customers’ financial confidence – it’s not just about helping them with ‘big ticket’ items – How banks can avoid being overwhelmed by the intensity and speed of change in the market …and more.
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