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Celent Report – Become a Leader in Small Business Banking. Spotlight on Personetics

This comprehensive report by Celent analyzes and compares top Fintech partners that are powering bank value propositions for small businesses. The report delves into the strategies necessary to thrive as a challenger in the SMB Banking industry.

 Celent 23.5.23 Personetics

Key Topics Addressed:  

  • Fintech partner landscape 
  • Key components of the challenger formula in Small Business Banking 
  • The three steps needed to achieve the challenger formula 
  • The pathways to bank monetization 

Celent recognized Personetics solution superior to other fintech solutions in enabling banks to become “challengers” in SMB banking. According to the report, Personetics stands out for delivering full scope across all three categories: data analytics and insights, product recommendations, and workflow digitization. 

It’s time to seize the opportunity and position yourself as the virtual CFO for small business customers. 

 Download the report to learn more. 

Celent saying 23.5.23 Personetics

Download the report to learn more

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