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How Banks Can Engage Customers With Sustainability

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Financial institutions can lead the transition to a more sustainable economy. By changing the way they engage with customers, FIs can support greener spending and climate-friendly financial goals.

In this webinar featuring guest speaker Oliwia Berdak from Forrester, you’ll discover:

  • The shift of retail banks into a sustainable finance value proposition that drives business impact.
  • How banks are delivering on sustainability goals through digital engagement.
  • How banks can help their customers overcome the green consumer paradox (and narrow the chasm between customers’ intentions and actions) by harnessing Self Driving Finance at scale.
  • How sustainability can help banks build trust and competitive advantage by moving from nudges to action.

Forrester Personetics Sustainability

Nicole Meyers VP of Strategic Account Management Personetics
Oliwia Berdak VP, Research Director Forrester

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