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How California Coast Credit Union Helps Its Members Achieve Financial Prosperity

Join our webinar with NAFCU Featuring: Greg Cornell, Executive Vice President, Member Experience at California Coast Credit Union and Jody Bhagat, President of Americas at Personetics.

A new frontier of connected digital and human interactions awaits credit unions. Members are shifting behaviors toward digital sales and services, making keeping up with industry leaders feel like an endless digital arms race.
It will be up to credit unions to understand their members’ financial behavior in real-time and to deliver proactive, intelligent advice that differentiates them from their competitors. An integrated approach to financial data-driven personalization and customer engagement encompasses both digital and human interactions.

NAFCU webinar Nov 2022

Through this webinar, you will discover the ways Cal Coast Credit Union works to simplify the lives of its members, to offer them the best financial data-driven customer service available, and ultimately to help them achieve financial prosperity.

With a deep understanding of members’ needs and a financial data-driven personalized experience, the credit union can compete and stay ahead of the curve in an exciting new era.

Learnings include how to overcome the main challenges credit unions face

  1. Keeping up with the growing demands of members
  2. Identifying where to focus digital investment to drive member impact
  3. Creating a cohesive and long-lasting member experience across all channels.
  4. Credit Unions are ideally positioned to deliver unified advice to members across digital and banker channels

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