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Customer Stories

Intesa Sanpaolo + Personetics

Paola Papanicolaou, Head of Innovation at Instesa SanPaolo Group, and Dorel Blitz, Vice President Strategy & Business Development of Personetics, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how “the stars aligned” for their successful collaboration.

How did the two of you meet?

Dorel: Meeting the Instesa SanPaolo Group was fate. We approached Intesa directly and started a conversation with the Group Head of Innovation, Paola. Intesa had been planning a trip to Israel when we realized that a meeting had already been set up between the two of us. It was like naturally meeting and connecting with a person you’ve been set up with on a blind date!

Paola: At Instesa SanPaolo we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to provide our clients with fully customized and personalized services. We often scout solutions in international innovative ecosystems. In Israel, thanks to our partner The Floor, we met Personetics while we were looking for startups working in advanced analytics.

Could you tell us about your first date?

Dorel: As the stars aligned when setting up our first meeting, we realized that we had great chemistry and that we could immediately envision working closely on developing the Intesa Group’s vision of deep customer engagement, hyper-personalization and value-driven insights. It was a productive meeting where we were able to discuss immediate benefits of the partnership while also future possibilities.

Paola: When we first met Personetics we immediately envisioned the potential benefits of a collaboration with them. Their solution was completely in line with our ambition of always being close to the needs of our clients by providing them with highly-customized caring and commercial insights.

What made you realize that you were perfectly matched?

Dorel: At the start, both sides realized that there was strong product market fit as we demonstrated our global expertise and maturity to strategically connect with Intesa Sanpaolo.

Paola: We very quickly saw the value that Personetics could offer to our Group and right away we started to think about how we could work together in the future.

What is the fruit of your relationship?

Dorel: The immediate result of our partnership includes a pilot project with an accelerated implementation plan that will boost customer engagement and product adoption for the bank’s retail customers.

Paola: This initiative supports us in boosting our position as a leading global mobile banking provider. The pilot also sets the foundation for a deeper relationship as we continue to explore new solutions in the customer engagement arena.

What makes your relationship work?

Dorel: The relationship between Instesa SanPaolo and Personetics has moved beyond a simple customer-vendor dynamic as Intesa has become a strategic design partner. We now work together to design and structure future offerings that will support Intesa’s vision for hyper-personalization and customer engagement. Working closely with Intesa, Personetics can offer a full set of proven and successful business solutions to fully integrate the human and digital components of the service.

Paola: We have found a proactive way to collaborate, working together to provide the best experience for our clients with a forward-looking attitude. Personetics is also able to adapt to the needs of a big banking group such as Instesa SanPaolo. This is an asset to provide a unique offer to our customer base.

What are your plans for the future?

Dorel: We are very excited about the potential of this strategic group partnership. Our first engagement is just the beginning of a rich and symbiotic partnership between us. Our future plans include expanding our strategic relationship to include additional business lines with our financial data-driven insights to foster relationships with Intesa’s customers.

Paola: Our journey in customer engagement and hyper-personalization has only just begun. We are exploring new ways to create value for our clients with a unique digital proposition and we’re looking forward to adding more insights and solutions for our clients together with Personetics.

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