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Missouri’s Central Bank taps Personetics for AI-powered money management solution

Central Bank, a regional community bank headquartered in Missouri, USA, will deploy Personetics’ AI-powered financial data-driven engagement platform as it looks to expand its digital financial wellness offerings for its retail customers.

Central Bank states that the move will enable it to deliver goal-oriented savings and wellness programmes to its digital users, offer real-time personalised financial advice and introduce an improved money management hub.

Daniel Westhues, executive VP and CMO at Central Bank, says: “With this AI-driven platform provided by Personetics, we can better understand each of our customers’ unique needs and proactively guide them with personalised financial insights and proactive advice tailored to them.”

In addition, Central Bank believes that by utilising Personetics’ solution, it will be able to “compete in the open banking era” thanks to the software’s unified customer account aggregation capabilities.

This initiative forms part of the bank’s wider digital transformation strategy, with the firm transitioning its legacy services to a cloud-based system.

Just last week, further evidence of Central Bank’s digital modernisation push came with the announcement of its partnership with India’s Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), with the bank implementing its TCS Bancs core banking system.

Written by Cameron Emanuel-Burns, Originally publishes Futures on Fintech: https://www.fintechfutures.com/2024/03/missouris-central-bank-taps-personetics-for-ai-powered-money-management-solution/ 

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