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Our New Podcast – Banking on Innovation Trailer 1

Welcome to Personetics’ Banking on Innovation podcast, where banking leaders driving customer-centric Innovation to share their stories and reveal their insights on how financial data-driven personalization impacts business results and banking customers’ financial wellbeing.

Hosted by Jody Bhagat, President of Americas at Personetics, the biweekly podcast helps executives in banks, fintechs, and banking providers consider how to lead customer-driven Innovation in their own organizations.

Guests on the show include CEOs, Chief Digital Officers and Retail Banking Heads from the country’s leading regional, big banks and credit unions, so you can learn from those on the cutting edge. In each episode, guests share key learnings from their personal journey to success before exploring what it takes to execute on customer-driven innovation and provide consumers with personalized experiences that supports their financial wellness.

Listen to the podcast episode here: SpotifyAppleGoogle 

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