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Personalized Engagement Marketing: Taking Financial Data-Driven Personalization to the Next Level

Customers demand from their banks personalized and actionable guidance that helps them manage their finances and achieve their goals.  

This is where Personalized Engagement Marketing comes in – a powerful approach that leverages customer transaction data to anticipate needs, deliver personalized advice, and drive action. 

The video features Jody Bhagat, President of the Americas at Personetics, explaining this multi-channel impactful approach and the value of unlocking transaction intelligence.  

Key Points: 

  1. Personalized Banking: The evolution into Engagement Banking and its advantages. 
  2. Transaction Intelligence: Understanding customers’ financial activities through transaction intelligence for an effective personalized engagement. 
  3. Customer Engagement: Engaged customers who receive personalized insights tend to have higher deposit balances, more accounts, and higher incomes. 

Ready to unlock the power of Personalized Engagement Marketing for your bank? Read the Synovus and Personetics case study now and learn from Synovus’ remarkable success story.

Download the Synovus-Personetics Case Study

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